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Welcome to the Norman Club Website dedicated to the Classic Norman Bikes. The site is currently being completely redesigned, so make the most of this old site, as it will eventually be replaced by the new all singing and dancing site.

Feel free to browse the information or enjoy the forum (linked to the left).

UPDATED FOR 2015 : The events for 2015 have been added here

The Norman Cycles club is a club dedicated to offering advice, community, and friendship via a shared love of bicycling. We are a UK located club but have had pop up events across the globe including the sunny west coast of California where we got to meet with a road bike rental company in Carlsbad, which is just north of San Diego. Carlsbad is an absolutely gorgeous little beach city that is amazing for riding your road bike.

We were also able to go to the beautiful coastal city of Santa Monica, which is in Los Angeles county. We had a meeting there at the same road bike rentals Santa Monica office. If you are looking for a road bike rental in Santa Monica please visit their page. They are a great company and the people there are passionate bicyclists.

The Norman Cycles club is a famous club among road bike enthusiasts and will continue to be as we expand our meetups to South America, Canada, and the Ukraine, where some of the most beautiful bike trails can be ridden with hardly anyone else on the road. Just check out some of the beautiful bike trails in Canada! Just make sure to bring some warm clothing. Check back soon to see how our site redesign is going


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